Camping can’t be camping

As anyone with a preschooler might know there are many times where it seems like our kids are stuck on ‘repeat’.  Much like an old record that had a scratch on it where it would repeat the same segment over and over again until you moved the needle.

In my house this sounds much like “I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m going to have breakfast.” or “Look at that, at that, at that, at that, at that, Fire station with garage doors”.

Any time we get into ‘skip’ mode I just wait for him to finish his thought or find the word and then try to figure out what it was he was saying after the fact.

Yesterday in the car we were talking about camping and how it meant to sleep outside.  As usual a lot of questions followed and random statements from D-man of what he thought camping was.

“Camping is sleeping when it’s cold”

“Camping is taking your warm bed outside”

“Camping can only happen when it’s dark outside”

And other gems of wisdom from someone who last went camping 2 years ago.  However, I’m fairly certain he doesn’t remember that trip at all.

The best words of wisdom that he had on that trip was the following statement:

“Camping can’t be camping without camping fires.”

The hubs and I looked at each other and laughed because, while the statement sounds weird, it’s the first correct sentence that actually makes sense that he said.

Ah, the joys of parenting and listening to the words of wisdom of young children.

Can I have popcorn too?

Yesterday, D-man, and I went to a movie.  We saw Frozen.  A cute movie about an Ice queen.  This was the first time that my son has ever been to the movies.  Mind you, I was a little hesitant to take him since he had yet to show that he can sit through a movie at home, but I figured there’s only one way to find out if he is capable of seeing a movie in the theater.

He did surprisingly well.

Granted, the seats provided some entertainment for him since he could “swing” back and forth.  And there were many times throughout the movie that I heard “Mommy, look what I can do!”  Another question I got several times was “what’s going on” and “mommy, what’s she doing?”

We started off our trip by getting some popcorn.  It was almost adorable to see the way that he wanted to ration the popcorn to make sure that he had some for when the movie started.  I told him that the first few things we saw were commercials and previews for other movies.  He said he didn’t want anyone eating our popcorn to be sure there was some for the movie.

Too adorable.

All in all it was a very successful trip and one that we will repeat.  I’m sure that the popcorn made it a treat.  He’s also been talking about going to see a movie in the theater for a few weeks now.

As a side note, I love Disney movies.  I always have.  So it’s nice to have someone who is coming of age and can watch these awesome movies with me.  It helps that he makes it less awkward for me to see children’s movies too.  And I need to find the soundtrack to this one somewhere….

New Year, New Beginnings

As always with the new year we look back at the old year and remember and look forward to the new year and plan.

My 4 year old, D-man, has started a new thing in this new year of deciding he is now “half of 4”.  I had a good laugh at this when I realized he was trying to tell me he was 4 and a half.  With a little work he now says “4 and a half” but I still got a good chuckle in.

2013 was good to us.  We moved a few times and finally settled in Rio Rancho, the hubs business is starting to take off and of course, our newest addition, A, who is growing like a weed.

I’m not a big fan of making New Year’s Resolutions because I tend to not stick to them very long, however, I’m working on making some goals for the next year.  Hopefully I can stick to these a little better since they are a little more specific and measurable than my “resolutions” have been in the past.

Here’s to 2014!  May it bring as many great memories as the last year did.

Precious Moments

My husband and I share the duties of the daily routine.  He is much more of a morning person than I am so he gets the boys ready, fed and off to daycare usually before I even think about moving for the day.  I, on the other hand, take care of the night.  Dinner, baths, bedtime and late night feedings.  This works for us.

Last night i was feeding my youngest his late night feeding and my brain was all over the map during the entire feeding.  What to do about the budget, how to fix my truck, increasing my workout routine and taking better pictures to name a few things that was going through my head.  All of a sudden I looked down and actually SAW my son.

Peacefully laying in my arms, resting quietly and dream feeding.

How precious.

I scolded myself for a few seconds and then let it go as I watched this precious child.  Living in the moment of what he was offering and wondering what was going through his mind that he just lay there in my arms, eyes closed and sucking on the bottle with nary a care in the world.

It’s times like this that I enjoy being a parent of a baby.  Mind you, I’m not normally what you would call a “baby person” but I do the best I can.  Moments like this however make me realize that even in my ‘non baby person’ mind I can be happy in the moment.

My adult brain knows that even in those minutes that I’m attending to my child there are always things that need to be done.  However, as I sat there providing the basic need of my child I realized that there wasn’t anything more important than that very moment with him.  It was incredibly freeing.  A moment where I was at peace with him just by watching him.

Thank you, little A, for giving me that precious moment!

Merry Christmas

As families and friends are gathering together around the world to celebrate their end of year festivities let us take a moment and think.

Think about the past year and all the good things that happened to you.  Think about all the troubles you’ve had.  Think about the times that made you laugh, and the times that made you cry.  The surprises and the moments you looked forward to.

As we reflect on the year coming to a close and start setting our sights on the new year let us take a moment this Christmas and be joyful at all the love around us.  Be it family by blood or family by choice, or friends, co-workers, or new people waiting to get to know you.  Celebrate the love, joy and peace that can be found from everyone around you.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or you have another celebration for the end of the year know that Peace and Joy can be found where ever you look.  Watch as children experience the magic of the season and adults seem to put aside their troubles and differences even if only for a day.  It can be found in every greeting of “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays”.  It can be seen in the enormous outpouring of donations for those less fortunate than ourselves.

My family is fortunate to be able to celebrate together.  There are those who can’t be with loved ones this year.  Remember our service men and women who are doing their duty around the world and are unable to be with their families.

I wish you all the love and joy in my heart this time of year.

From my house to yours, God bless you and Merry Christmas!

Girls say pretty, Boys say cool

While out looking at Christmas lights my 4 year old was excitedly calling out when he saw a house that was lit up.  “Look, there’s one!” and “There’s more lights” was heard the entire time we were driving around.

One time I said “Those are pretty lights”.  That’s when the following conversation took place:

D-man: “No mom, those are cool lights.”

Me: “Sorry, those are cool lights.”

D-man: “Mom, no.  You say ‘pretty lights’ cause that’s what girls always say”.

Me: “I don’t always say pretty.”

D-man: “Girls say pretty and boys say cool.  That’s just how it is mom.”

Meanwhile, my husband is laughing at the exchange.  He’s nodding his head and looking at me with a big grin on his face.

Hubs: “That’s my boy!  Girls say pretty and boys say cool!”

D-man: “Yeah mom.  You say pretty because you are a girl.”

Oh the observations of children!  I love these little moments we have where he is expressing himself and learning about things.  Even if it’s not quite true he’s learning that there are differences between how boys and girls see and do things.  I’m sure it’s only a small jump from this to the ‘girls have cooties’ stage.

Making room in the house

I love Craigslist.  Hubs has bought and sold many cars on it and we have picked up and gotten rid of many items thanks to that website.  My latest endeavor, getting rid of the pool table.

A little back story on the pool table.

It has been a point of contention between me and the hubby for oh let’s see, I’ve known him for 10 years so…10 years.  He was vehemently against the idea of having a pool table because he moved one too many in college or something like that.  I on the other hand, wanted one.  I think merely because he didn’t want one.

I mean, who DOESN’T want a pool table?

So over the years I would always drop hints that I wanted one, and he would always regale me with tales of woe about the last time he had to move one.  And on went our lives.

Fast forward to 6 months ago.

We moved into the house we are in now and voila!  The old owner didn’t want his pool table any more and was willing to let us keep it so I jumped at the opportunity.  Mind you, I don’t play pool and barely know what to do with a pool table.  However, I wanted one and now I had one.

So, what have I *done* with the pool table since I’ve owned it?



I played pool by myself once.

My son has knocked the balls around a few times.

And it gets used as a regular table.  I mean, anything that can be put on it (toys, pictures, a Halloween costume) has found it’s way to the top of the pool table.  Which of course makes it very difficult to play pool, assuming I even did that.

So, I decided to make someone’s Christmas and post it on Craigslist.

Now, I don’t know the first thing about pool tables, and it didn’t cost me a dime so I put it up for free for whoever wanted to come and get it.

After posting the add and pictures I had 4 people call me in less than an hour of posting the ad.  (Did I mention that I love Craigslist?)  And this lady, who has been wanting a pool table for a long time came and got it.  In less than 3 hours after posting the pool table is out of my house.

Her husband was so appreciative of the fact that we were getting rid of it.  He told me his wife was in tears she was so excited.

Win for the Christmas spirit.Empty_Room

Now I just need to figure out what I’m going to do with the space.  I’m thinking chairs and a coffee table for in front of the fire place or something.  It probably wont be long before there are toys galore spread out on the floor and my son turning it into a wrestling ring or something.

What would you do with the space?